Monday, 13 March 2017


I made a trip to Camden recently with my best friend, as she had never been and I wanted to show her around, so we hopped on a train after sixth form one day and headed there. Personally, Camden reminds me so much of Brighton (which you may know is one of my favourite places ever) because it has such a quirky and creative vibe.

We found ourselves down some of the back streets where we came across so much incredible street art and of course we had to do the obligatory photoshoot in front of it. I have started to love experimenting with video editing and making montages so I was also filming clips of this trip, and of course these backdrops made the perfect arty shots! 

We found an amazing mexican street food place called 'Club Mexicana' which is 100% vegan and SO delicious! We both opted for the BBQ jackfruit burrito (definitely recommend!) and we ate them sat on the river bank. 

And as we were walking about we paid a visit to 'Cookies and Scream' where I picked up some cookies and a brownie (vegan & gluten free too) which I can confirm are as amazing as everybody says, thinking about them now is making me crave them now mmm...

I'd love to know any places you recommend visiting in Camden as I am sure that I will be back there very soon!



  1. Love these photos!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Camden! It looks gorgeous and your photos are beautiful. x


    1. it is so lovely there, you should definitely pay a visit :) x