Sunday, 13 December 2015

Festive Shortbread Puppies ❄

As a lot of you will know, I love to bake. So as Christmas is approaching I decided to start baking some treats for my family. I got a cookie cutter in the shape of a puppy when I was on holiday last year and I completely forgot I had it until I spotted it in my baking drawer the other day. So...I had to make some puppy-shaped biscuits!

I also tried to make them a little bit christmassy by adding a red nose to some of them!

I used a basic shortbread recipe of:

175g butter
50g caster sugar
175g self-raising flour

(Makes 12-14)

and then I split the mixture in half, mixing one with vanilla extract and chocolate chip toppings; and the rest with salted caramel extract, and topped with some fudge pieces and a cranberry to make the facial features.

These went down a treat in my family, especially as we are all dog-lovers! I also think a few of these would be such a lovely Christmas present too.

I hope this has inspired you to do some fun and festive baking. Let me know if you like these sort of posts because I can definitely do more, and there are loads of recipes that I can't wait to try out soon.

Hope you are having a happy & merry December.



  1. these are so cute! in love with their heart eyes too <3 xx

    1. aw thank you lovely, glad you like them!x

  2. This a re literally the sutest tihngs ever!
    -Morgan x

  3. Cutest cookies ever!! Happy Holidays my dear :)
    Love, Charlotte

  4. SO cute! x