Sunday, 19 July 2015

Mindfulness Colouring.

Happy Sunday! Sorry my posts haven't been as consistent recently but I have just broken up for Summer so everything has got A LOT busier!

With lots of plans can also come quite a bit of stress and anxiety for me, so I like to have a few ways to unwind and relax for even just 5 minutes of the day! One of the new crazes in many shops is mindfulness colouring, which in other words is 'grown-up colouring in'.

However, it is extremely relaxing and is proven to be calming and makes you pay attention to details and appreciate the moment more.

For someone creative like me, I LOVE all of the intricate patterns and I normally get a big cup of tea, light a candle and sit down and try to do a little bit every night to rewind before bed.

Let me know what you think of mindfulness colouring and if you have ever tried it?

Have an amazing summer



  1. I´ve seen a lot of people with coloring books and it looks so so calming! I definitely want to try it and brig out the kid inside me!

  2. How amazing are these colouring books, i cant put mine down!