Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Few New Books

I'm not ashamed to say I do love finding a really good book to really get in to! I love cosy nights where I can take a little break from being glued to my phone and laptop and have a hot drink, blankets and a book! BUT I find it quite hard to find books that interest me because I have outgrown the typical 'teenage' fictions but I find some 'grown up' books quite dull.

I love the look of stacks of books or a full bookshelf in my room so I have been trying to build up my collection with a few new additions. I have been trying also to mix it up a bit and try to branch out from reading the same sort of novels all the time...

These are a few books I got for my birthday and I am really excited to start reading them! I love cooking/baking, Paris and Fashion and from flicking through them I can tell I am probably going to enjoy all of them! So far I love the photos/ images and layouts of all three books, I will keep you updated on how I get on 

Sorry for the slightly rambly, random post but...

Let me know if you have read any of these? Or what sort of books do you recommend/enjoy? I would love to know!



  1. I was browsing through How to be Parisian when I in a waterstones the other day, i was so tempted to get it!
    I hope you enjoy reading it! Another similar book that I wanted to get was Berlin Street Style: A Guide to Urban Chic. I think if you like those books you'd like that too:)
    Plus it would look so good with those 3 books by your bedside! ;)

    X, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

    1. thank you so much! I will definitely have to check that out <3 x

  2. "It" and "How to be Parisian" are amazing books!!!
    I am always sucked in by these types of books!!!
    I would love it if you were to check out my blog!!!


    1. Me too! And of course, I will check it out now x

  3. "It" is a brilliant coffee table if you want a quick read and I'm sure you'll love it! xx

    1. Ah sounds perfect! I can't wait to read it now! Thank you for the lovely comment x

  4. 'It' is really good! Hope you like it!

    - Elodie x

  5. I want to get that How to be Parisian book! I saw it on goodreads and it looks so cute. I'm also having trouble finding books now that I'm older. The same teeny ones don't please me as much.

    Brooke | brookewrote