Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Little Gems

I thought I would do this short post to share with you one of my recent obsessions...RINGS. I have never been much of a jewellery person but over the last couple of months I have managed to grow a collection of dainty rings which I love wearing individually or stacked up.

A lot of my rings are mis-matched or from small boutique shops but I find places like Urban Outfitters and Topshop have some really lovely pieces too! Personally, I tend to go for more gold rings because they seem to be the ones I am instantly drawn to, but I do really like wearing combinations of metallics.

I keep a few of them on show in my room on this adorable silver ring holder, which is surprisingly from Lakeland. I think it is such a lovely, pretty way to display rings and looks so beautiful on my dressing table/desk area.

Let me know if you know of any small online stores that sell dainty rings? or recommend your favourite places to buy jewellery in the comments as I would love to know!



  1. Beautiful rings, love the ring holder!


  2. Lovely rings and how fab is your ring holder! x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. That's so cute!!

  4. that ring - so dainty and necessary!

    - le jolie

  5. That ring holder! I love the ring in the last picture it's great. If you type into e-bay "dainty ring" or thin rings or stacking rings etc lots should come up for a great price... or etsy always has beautiful hand crafted designs!


    1. Aw thankyou for your lovely comment, I will definitely have to try that out <3 xx

  6. Love your ring holder, just a cute, simple little idea, to put on your dressing table!x

  7. Hi. Even though I am repeating what other commentators already said I have to mention that your 'show room cat' is great. Love it..:)
    Dainty rings of high quality can be also found at this store. I am mentioning it because I have recently received a very special yellow gold ring with diamonds from my loved one at our aniversary...and I can't stop staring at it. I admit that this store might be a place for more of a special type of rings for special occasions. But there are plenty of delicate rings there that are gorgeous.