Thursday, 8 January 2015

Winter Essentials 1: Dark Nails

One of the first things I did when I broke up for the holiday season was paint my nails! So many brands have a variety of gorgeous wintery colours, so I definitely need to get my hands on more.
Here are the colours in my nail polish collection that are essential to me for this time of year!

  • Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in colour: no. 8
I love the consistency of this nail polish. It has a curved brush which makes it really easy to apply, the colour is so gorgeous too!

  • BarryM Gelly in colours Blood Orange and Blue Grape
The BarryM Gelly's are definitely some of my favourite nail polishes I have ever tried! They are so easy to apply and normally only take one coat to get a really lovely finish, I love the colour range as well.

  • No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Temptress 100
This is such a perfect deep burgundy colour that I wear so much at this time of year, it is definitely one of my go-to colours.

  • Topshop Nails in colour Winter frost
This is one of those nail polishes where you cant stop admiring your nails when wearing it! It is such a beautiful colour and gives an amazing holographic effect, perfect for the party season.

I would love to get some new nail polishes soon so let me know which are your favourites?



  1. I love the first nail polish colour! :) Perfect for Winter.

  2. That's a beautiful blue nailpolish colour... my fave for this time of year is Essie "Wicked"

    Samantha Series

    1. I know right! and thank you for telling me, I will definitely have to check that out! xx

  3. Great post, I love the electric blue polish! Finally someone who isn't afraid to wear bright colours in winter! ;)

    Please check out my blog.

    Fleur x

    1. thank you so much! yes I love wearing that colour all year round! I will check out your blog right now :) xx