Sunday, 18 December 2016

Rose Gold Nails //

I always seem to be drawn to anything and everything metallic, so when choosing a shade to paint my nails of course this Kiko Rose Gold polish caught my eye. It is a gorgeous colour for all year round, but I think it is especially fitting for this festive season!

These photos are with only one coat as I wanted to show how effective only one coat is if you're in a rush, or just impatient like me, and it lasts ages without chipping! I always find myself admiring my nails and I receive lots of compliments with this on my nails!

Some of you may remember that I showed this in my Spain Collective Haul post a while ago, and I have been loving it ever since! If you don't remember it is the Rose Gold Power Pro Nail Laquer- Kiko Cosmetics and I would definitely recommend it both for the stunning colour and incredible formula.

Let me know: what are your favourite nail shades for this festive season?



  1. I love that color so much! Rose gold is seriously one of my favorite colors ever... so elegant. Anyways, beautiful nails, lady! I'm so glad they didn't chip even with one coat, that's pretty great. I'll have to try that out. I love painting my nails, but I can certainly get impatient at times, so using only one coat is music to my ears. :)
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm

    1. such a lovely comment to read <3 isn't rose gold so gorgeous ahh i love it! I'm all for one coat nail polishes too x

  2. Love colour! Such a Christmas!
    xx Karolina

  3. This would be perfect from fall to winter! Rose gold is such a gorgeous color, it adds nice subtle color to the look!

    Kaylee 🎅ㅣJK's Dawn

  4. This is gorgeous, how much does it cost?
    Aleeha xXx