Sunday, 8 November 2015

HURRAW! Lip Balms | Review

As some of you may know, I follow a plant-based diet. And so, I am always intrigued to try natural, cruelty-free beauty products too! I think it's fair to say that I am a lip-product-a-holic (!!!) as many of my friends will know that I can't leave the house without a few of my trusty lip balms.

I discovered this brand HURRAW! recently when I was in American Apparel. They caught my eye as I went to the till because of the amazing flavour variety they had! Of course I chose coconut and chai spice, but there were other delicious flavours such as vanilla bean, green tea and even chocolate!

 At only £3.50 each, I was SO impressed at the scent, quality and duration of the silky soft feeling on my lips. They are all made with only raw, natural oils and ingredients that are so beneficial, and they are one of the best lip balms I have tried! So, I will definitely be repurchasing and picking out some new flavours the next time I spot them!                                                                                                  

Have you ever heard of 'HURRAW!'? Which flavour would you choose?



  1. What a bargain, I love lip balms xx

  2. I'll have to try these. By the way I LOVE your lights in the background!

  3. Aww these look really cool! Good price too :) Thank you for sharing! xx