Sunday, 22 March 2015

Spring Yankee Candle Scents

There is no denying it. I am a candle addict. I think it definitely says something that the other day for my birthday, basically all my family and friends got me candles for a present...not that I can complain though!

There is just something about having a candle burning in the room which makes everything so much more peaceful.
One of my all time favourite brands for candles is Yankee Candle because of the amazing range of scents and value for money.

I normally get mine from Clinton Cards and I especially love getting the tester votive size candles to try out all of the different scents. This year for my birthday I got quite a few votives in fresh spring scents, some of which I have never seen before so they might be new. I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites that I think are perfect for this upcoming season.

Scents: Peach Smoothie (yuuum..), Grapefruit, Fruity Melon, Sweet Pea, Pink Honeysuckle.

For small candles, they give off such a strong scent that fills the whole room, all of which are really light and fresh. My particular favourite is Peach Smoothie and Fruity Melon because they smell so delicious,sweet and refreshing!

What do you think of Yankee Candle? And which scent is your favourite?



  1. Ohhh the grapefruit one sounds perfect!

    XO Imke

  2. Peach smoothie sounds amazing! I too am a candle addict haha, ever since I started blogging. xx

  3. I love Yankee candles! Fruity Melon is for me.
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  4. Love these fresh scents for this time of year! I'm still enjoying the wintery salted caramel and red velvet cake so should probably switch things up :')

    // xx

  5. I love the fresh, fruity scents they're so nice! Especially Yankee Candles! I love your blog btw:)

  6. lovely post! I love yankee candles and my favourite is 'pink sands'
    Gemma xx