Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Get Inspired

One of the things I've found hard recently is getting inspiration for everyday outfits. I found myself picking out the same cozy jumper and jeans combo every day and it was getting a bit boring and I thought I'd make a post to share with you some ways to help if you are stuck for inspiration!

1. Magazines

I love flicking through magazines to give me a few ideas of the latest trends. My favourite magazine is definitely Company because it does such amazing edits and I just love the general layout and content. Also, I love how Company quite often feature bloggers because it is really original and interesting to read about. There are so many good magazines available so you just need to fin one that interests you and suits your style.

2. Other Bloggers

Style posts are definitely one of my favourite posts to read because I find it so interesting knowing what other people like to wear and the photography is always amazing. There are so many beautiful style blogs out there to pick up tips and tricks from, my favourites at the moment are:

3. Pinterest

I have only recently got Pinterest and I can honestly say it has been SO useful because any time I'm stuck for ideas on anything I can type it in and I'm sure to get some inspiration. Just typing in 'outfit ideas' or something along those lines will bring up so many pages of edits (like above) and outfit photos to give you so many ideas!

4. Look around you! 

I often find if I'm out and about that it is really interesting to look at what people around me are wearing, there are always quite a lot of people my age around so I like to see what they wear together etc. Also use your friends for inspiration because its more than likely that you share similar style with some of them.

Where do you look for outfit inspiration?



  1. Found your blog recently and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Interesting posts and beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. aw thankyou so much <3 I will check your blog out now! xx

  2. Pinterest is such a brilliant place to find inspiration ! xx

  3. I love this post!, i read all those magazines, I get my inspiration from music and my wall which i've been adding to for 7 years,


  4. This is such a helpful post, I really love your blog!! X